The Rotterdam Exchange Format Initiative (REFI) is open for membership to software developers that have implemented import and export of the REFI-QDA Standard, according to the latest specification published on our website.

Advantages of REFI Membership:

  • Strategic information shared within the group is available to you
  • Actively participate in discussions surrounding the content of the REFI-QDA Standard
  • You are entitled one vote whenever voting is required
  • You decide together on the planning of the next version of the REFI-QDA Standard
  • You can influence the implementation of the REFI-QDA Standard
  • You become member of a group of colleagues discussing technical novelties
  • Being a REFI member is stimulating your creativity
  • Being a REFI member is rewarding as we are working for a purpose bigger than ourselves

What we expect from you:

  • Attendance at our live meetings (1 or 2 per year, for two consecutive days)
  • Attendance at our online meetings via Zoom (1 per 6-8 weeks, for one hour)
  • Active involvement in discussions via Slack and other communication mechanisms
  • Meeting deadlines set by the group
  • Behave like a good colleague
  • Willingness to see the bigger picture and seek for solutions